Government of Canada Careers

The number of Government of Canada careers alone is a compelling reason for many people to put the federal government at the top of their job search list.  In the previous section, we introduced you to the many types of jobs that are offered through the Canadian Public Service.  Further, we clarified that government jobs in Canada are not limited to clerical or office positions and that they encompass almost as many positions and professions as are available in the private sector.

Given the enormous range of positions–more than in any other sector–let’s look at the major categories that CA government jobs fall into.  Exploring these will provide a deeper look at the Canadian government job sector and offer a clear view of the vast opportunities that are available.


Healthcare Jobs

The healthcare industry is one of the leading employment fields in the public sector. The Canadian government employs people in the healthcare fields for nearly all types of medical and health-related positions. Canadian government healthcare jobs are available on the federal, provincial and territorial, and regional levels, offering both diversity of careers and employment close to home.

There are many types of healthcare jobs available through the government. These range from clerical and billing specialists to professional positions for doctors, nurses, and administrative officers. Some examples of healthcare positions available on the federal and/or local provincial level include:

Claims Manager
Compliance Officer
Dental Hygienist
Dental Technician
District Medical and Nursing Officer
Environmental Health positions
Health Information Coordinator
Health Liaison Officer
Health Services Manager
Laboratory Technician
Medical Adjudicator
Medical Evaluator
Mental Health professionals
Ministry of Health Administrator
Nursing in First Nations communities
Occupational Health Specialist
Physical Activity Specialist
Policy Officer
Public Health Nurse
Research and Policy Analyst

In addition to publicly held civilian positions like these, the Department of National Defence also holds professional healthcare positions for commissioned and non-commissioned officers, however these require a commitment of 3 to 9 years (minimum) and completion of basic Canadian Forces training.


Social Services Jobs

Social services jobs cover such positions as counselling, social work, positions in mental health, human services, and case management (among others). There are social service and related positions in most governmental organizations, making social service work an excellent avenue to pursue with the Canadian government. Many of these positions can be found in the Correctional Services department, but also such departments as the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs organizations.   Medical services, education, family services, and many other organizations employ social service workers as well, with positions ranging from entry-level to professional.   Examples of Canada government social services jobs include:

Addictions Counsellor
Area Counsellor
Bilingual Counsel
Case Manager
Citizen Service Agent
Clinical Team Leader
Correctional Program Officer
Deployment Coordinator/Counsellor
Employment and Education Project Coordinator
Family Services Coordinator
Field Interviewers (e.g., Statistics Canada)
Learning Program and Promotions Officer
Mental Health Worker
Psychologists and Associate Psychologist positions
Social Worker
Veterans Affairs Counsellor

Social service workers may work with individuals, groups, families, or serve a larger clientele in an organization or on a community level.  The Canadian government includes positions in social services that encompass all of these and more.


Civilian Jobs with the Department of National Defence (DND)

The Department of Defence is a major employer within the Canadian government. Of course they recruit and employ members of the armed forces (which are not included here), but they are also a major employer of civilians.   The Canadian Department of National Defence offers positions in almost every major category of employment; examples include:

Aircraft Maintenance
Ammunition Technician
Boiler and Plate Technician
Heating, Power and Stationary Plant Operator
HVAC Technician
Marine Mechanic
Mechanical Instrument Systems Technician
Millwright (Industrial Mechanic)
Precision Tool and Die Maker
Sheet Metal Worker
Steamfitter and Pipefitter
Vehicle Mechanic
Water, Fuel and Environment Technician

The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) is the largest federal employer in the country.  The DND has the largest pool of employees and personnel, both military and civilian, and maintains the largest departmental budget. It is an organization with myriad opportunities and positions, currently employing nearly 24,000 civilian support personnel in almost 70 available roles that support our military.


Research Jobs

Research jobs are available in many departments and organizations within both the federal and provincial governments.   All of the major public health and food and agriculture organizations employ researchers as well as Statistics Canada, the DND, Environmental and related departments and many others. There are a wide range of entry level, junior, and senior and doctoral research positions available through the Canadian government, such as:

Doctoral Researcher
Field Interviewer for Statistics Canada
Field Researcher
Fisheries Research Manager
Junior Evaluation Officer
Laboratory Researcher
Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor
Project Manager
Research Assistants
Research Recruiter
Social Science Researcher
Telephone Interviewer

One of the most prominent research programs offered is the previously mentioned Research Affiliate Program (RAP) maintained by the PSC. Post-secondary students are eligible to apply for this program which provides expanded access to complement post-secondary academic requirements.  The Canadian government employs researchers in a variety of capacities, making it a good choice for people interested in research positions on any level, in any field of interest.


Financial Jobs

Professionals in the banking and financial services industries serve important functions throughout the Canadian government. Like many other professional positions, financial and banking jobs are held throughout governmental organizations.  Some of these include:

Benefits Advisor
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Auditor
Department of Finance Officer
Financial Advisor
Financial Manager
Labour Relations Officer
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions positions
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Officer
Pension Fund Analyst
Salary Administration Officer
Senior Advisor
Technical Consultant

Both junior and senior-level financial professionals are needed to serve in all departments of the Canadian government. There are a number of upper-level advisory positions that extend the employment opportunities for finance-related workers much beyond what the private sector offers. In addition, a number of support and clerical positions are available as well.

It is worth noting that many banking and finance positions are with Crown organizations which are not subject to the provisions of the PSEA.   This means that job searches in this field need to extend beyond what is publicly posted on the Public Service of Canada website.


Law Enforcement Jobs

The most prominent employer of law enforcement personnel in Canada is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP.)  This is the national policing force, but it also works on the local level as it is contracted to provide police services municipally to most provinces and territories with the exception of Ontario and Quebec—-however, the RCMP does provide primary federal law enforcement and so is present in these provinces as well.) The RCMP performs all the regular and expected duties of a law enforcement officer, including patrols, investigations, peace-keeping, and upholding the law.

The RCMP has undertaken an initiative to dispel some of the myths surrounding employment with the organization.  The department wants prospective officers to know that it is hiring and expects to be filling positions to replace approximately 1,700 employees annually over the next few years. With the starting pay after initial cadet training at $50,674 and increasing over the first 36 months of employment to over $82,108, and only a high school diploma required to apply the RCMP is a leading prospect for people interested in working in the area of public law enforcement in Canada.  Note that a Bachelor Degee in Criminology will increase your chances of selection.

In addition to positions as regular officers with the RCMP, there are police positions offered throughout provinces (such as the Ontario Provincial Police) and municipalities (like the Vancouver Police Deparment) where the RCMP are not contracted. However, police work is not restricted to being an officer.

The RCMP, Correctional Service of Canada, DND, and other organizations also have open opportunities for law enforcement professionals, as well as civilian positions and support positions.  Some examples of positions offered in the field of law enforcement and/or support positions include:

Claims Analyst
Detachment Clerks
Health Services Officer
Logistics Officer

Also, in support of their analytical and investigative capacities, the RCMP employs a number of experts and professionals across a surprising array of fields. On their website they advertise such positions as:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Avionics Technician
Counterfeit Analyst
Document Examiner
Electronic Technologist
Firearms Technologist
Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Operations and Communications Specialist
Strategic Service Consultant

All of these are positions that are advertised as public service and civilian positions with the RCMP. Also, in a closely related field, there are many jobs available within Correctional Services, including:

Correctional Officer
Program Officer
Social Service Worker

The Correctional Service of Canada is a leading employer offering a variety of entry-level, trained, and professional jobs. Given the different organizations and the variety of jobs within each, law enforcement and police work is a field that offers abundant opportunities for workers and professionals in multiple professions.


Engineering Jobs

Canada government jobs include engineering jobs within many government organizations.  These cover most all of the fields of engineering, but are divided across departments to fulfill the engineering needs of each. Examples of positions and departments that employ engineering professionals include:

Aerospace Engineer
Civil Engineer
Electrical Systems Engineer
Electronic Engineer
Engineering Technologist
Mechanical Engineer
Operational Engineer
Power Engineer


Science Jobs

Like engineering, science-related government jobs are largely cross-functional in nature. These include many different specialities and employing organizations, such as:

Aquatic Quality Specialist
Aquatic Scientist
Criminal Intelligence Analyst
DNA Analyst
Environmental Health Officer
Forest Ecologist
Laboratory Technician
Planning Analyst
Toxicology Specialist
Watershed Manager

Additionally, positions in the fields of science could easily include the aforementioned positions in research and the medical fields.


Skilled Labour and Trades Jobs

Government of Canada careers are by no means limited to professionals and degree-holders.   The government is a top employer of people who work in the trades and skilled labour positions.   Such positions vary greatly, and again are present within practically all organizations.   The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it does stand as a fair representation of the diversity of work available to people in the trades and skilled trades arenas.

Automotive Mechanic
Building Inspector
Construction Labourer
Food Inspector
Heavy Duty Cleaners
Heavy Duty Equipment Operator
Machinery Operator
Maintenance Worker
Material Handler
Occupational Safety Officer
Pipe Fitter

There are virtually limitless opportunities skilled trades professionals. For top pay and benefits and diverse job opportunities, the Canadian government should be a top prospect for any person seeking a trade, skilled labour, or entry-level position in any service-oriented profession.


Other Jobs

This section has highlighted several of the major areas of employment with the Canadian government. Clearly there are vast job opportunities in government and this section is only a brief overview of those positions.  There are still over positions in diverse fields such as:

Helicopter Pilot
Human Resources Manager
Legal Assistants
Legal Counsellors
Passport Clerk
Pension Fund Analyst
Principal and Vice Principal
Program and Project Support Worker
Railway Crew
Records Officer
Ship Crew
Ship Engineer
Ship Officers
Staff Training Coordinator

The federal and provincial governments have a wide selection of job openings, many of which can be found in the Canada public service job postings. With persistence, motivation and flexibility in your job search plus a solid understanding of the hiring process, right now job prospects are excellent for a career in government.